Frequently Asked Questions

- Yes, we sell only brand-new parts.
- Yes, we sell original parts.
- All the parts are in their original packing.
- We do not sell non-oem (aftermarket) generic parts.
- We can order every part, which you don't find in our website.
- To buy a spare part, please send you request to: info@jdmstorque.com
- Yes, you can place orders without logging in or registering.
- Yes, card payment is possible via STRIPE system.
- Yes, we can dispatch goods to every continent.
- We are working on it to be able to dispatch goods 
to United Kingdom as soon as possible.
- Each product in store has information about its availability.
- All products (out of stock, back-orders) is available on order.
- Please send your request to: info@jdmstorque.com

There are payment methods:
- Bank transfer
- Payment card (Stripe system)
- In case of goods available in our stock, we send them on next day.
- Courier visit us every working day.
- The lead time for goods order on request is specified individually (2-10 working days).