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Cookie Policy

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The website of JDM STORQUE,, uses cookies.

Using this home page, you agree that the performance/analytical cookies on this website are used to improve the quality of the services provided and the functioning of the website for your service purposes.

What‘s a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file sent to your computer or smart device while you visit the website. This website saves it on your computer or mobile device when you open the site. On each subsequent visit, cookies are sent back to the home page of origin or to another home page that recognizes the cookie. Cookies act as the memory of a particular home page, allowing this page to remember your computer during the next visit. Including cookies, you can remember your settings. For more information about cookies, see

Google Analytics

The JDM STORQUE website contains cookies created by Google Analytics, which was created by Google Inc. The purpose of using Google Analytics cookies is to improve the quality of the content of a website and to adapt the content to the needs of users. You can read more about the Google Analytics Terms of Service on the website.

If you want JDM STORQUE to not get information about your activities on the website, you should activate the Google Analytics Optout Browser Addon ( auxiliary. This auxiliary medicine is in contact with Google Analytics JavaScript to indicate that you do not need to send data about the visit to the website to Google Analytics.

How do I turn off cookies?

You can control and delete cookies. More broadly You can delete all the cookies on your computer, and most browsers can be set up to block the insertion of cookies on your computer. However, if you do, you will need to adjust your settings manually whenever you visit the website and there is a likelihood that some services and functions will not work.